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An Employment Law attorney can evaluate your work situation and advise you of your legal options. Additionally, a skilled lawyer can ensure that your individual rights remain protected as you seek compensation from your employer for your unpaid wages.

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Shaun Setareh, his associates and other members of his legal team are well respected in the legal industry because we are known as aggressive litigators and have a proven track record. Since 1999 Shaun Setareh has recovered in excess of 50 MILLION DOLLARS on behalf of his client's throughout the 13 years that he has been practicing. During his entire career he has exclusively represented individuals who have been harmed by his employers. Unlike some other firms who are interested in resolving your case quickly and as soon as possible without taking into consideration the actual value of your case, we strive to obtain the most amount of money on your behalf whether it is through an amicable settlement or trial.

Contingency Fees/ No Recovery No Fee:

All of our agreement includes language stating that if we do not make any recovery on your behalf you don't owe our firm any attorney's fees or costs that we have expended on your behalf in connection with pursuing your case.

Free and Confidential Consultation:

You have nothing to lose by having a phone or in person consultation with an attorney in our law firm. Some employees who are still working for an employer that may be engaging in unlawful conduct are concerned that somehow their employer will find out that they are looking for an attorney to protect themselves and their families from the consequences of the employer's conduct. When you seek legal advice with an attorney it is kept strictly confidential and we will never disclose your identity, and/or any other information you give us to anyone.

Don't let your employer take advantage of you. Contact a law firm with a track record of successfully litigating Labor and Employment cases throughout the State of California.

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Shaun Setarehand Associates

9454 Wilshire Boulevard Penthouse Suite
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