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An Employment Law attorney can evaluate your work situation and advise you of your legal options. Additionally, a skilled lawyer can ensure that your individual rights remain protected as you seek compensation from your employer for your unpaid wages.

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Case Results

Shaun Setareh and associates have recovered in excess of 50 MILLION DOLLARS on behalf of clients throughout the State of California. Hire an attorney with a proven track record who will vigorously prosecute your claims and obtain the best and highest settlement or jury verdict.

Mr. Setareh has successfully litigated cases against some of the best lawyers in the country and has obtained over a ½ dozen seven figure settlements.

The following is a sampling of some of the cases that Mr. Setareh has successfully handled:

Confidential vs International Shipping Company

Mr. Setareh was able to achieve an eight figure settlement in a wage and hour class action from one of the largest corporations in the world that had hired one of the best law firms in the country to defend them. The Defendant in this case failed to provide meal and rest breaks to its employees, and failed to pay employees who were terminated all of their wages upon termination.

Confidential vs National Retailer

Mr. Setareh achieved the foregoing settlement in a wage and hour class action. The employer failed to provide their employees with all of their meal and rest breaks, failed to pay them all of their vacation and floating holiday pay, and failed to pay employees who were terminated and/or resigned all of their earned wages at the time the employee left

Park vs Staples

Mr. Setareh achieved an excellent result for Plaintiff and all other members of this class action.

Confidential vs Confidential
—$2.200,000.00 Settlement Medical Malpractice

Mr. Setareh's obtained one of the largest reported settlements for this type of injury. In 2003 Mr. Setareh's client was pregnant with her third child. She was being treated by her obstetrician who did not recognize that her child was at high risk for suffering nerve damage and partial paralysis to the child at birth if the physician did not deliver the baby via c-section as opposed to a natural birth.

At the time of birth, the child's shoulder became lodged against the mother's pubic bone; and ultimately caused permanent nerve damage to the child's arm. Shaun Setareh faced severe obstacle in this case; including but not limited to suing a physician who was not insured and was threatening to file for bankruptcy before any judgement or recover could be made against him. Eventully the Defendants in this case believed that they had no other choice but to settle this case prior to trial.

Confidential vs American General

Quezada vs Stein

Spokes vs Lush Cosmetics

Confidential vs Confidential
—$250,000.00 Sexual Harassment

Mr. Setareh's client was a woman truck driver who had sued her employer when she was sexually harassed by her training supervisor. The law firm initially filed a claim with the trucking company; however they initially denied all allegations and responsibility for their employees's conduct. Mr. Setareh filed suit against the company, and the training supervisor personally. Through discovery, Mr. Setareh learned that the training supervisor was a convicted child molester who had abused his foster children. Moreover, Mr. Setareh was able to impeach the training supervisor and other company affiliated witnesses during their depositions. The company decided to settle the case with Mr. Setareh's client for an equitable sum prior to trial.

Zavala vs Avibank Manufacturing
—$175,000.00 Products Liability

Mr. Setareh represented a factory employee who sued and out of state manufacturer of a machine which caused injuries to his hand. This case was especially difficult and complex because the original manufacturer of the machine had gone out of business and had sold off all of their assets to a second company. Mr. Setareh sued the original company that manufactured the machine, and the company that purchased all of the original company's assets

According to California Law it is very difficult, and virtually impossible to sue and recover from a company that has gone out of business

Enayati vs Salter Construction Company
—$145,000.00 Construction Defect

Confidential vs Confidential
—$100,000.00 Medical Malpractice

Plaintiff sued her psychologist for medical malpractice as a result of the psychologist manipulating the client into having a sexual relationship with her.

Rokhsar vs 21st Century Insurance Company
—$100,000.00 Automobile Accident

Guererro vs Stenfors
—$100,000.00 Automobile Accident

Andreotti vs Andreotti
—$65,000.00 Automobile Accident

Carlsen vs Carey
—$95,000.00 Premises Liability

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